Biodanza teacher education

The biodanza method in Latvia can be studied at the Baltic Biodanza School, which is headed by the director of the Baltic Biodanza School, Prof.Dr.habil. Marcus Stueck (Germany).

The training lasts about 3.5 years and is organized once a month on weekends.

Training is a practical, experience-oriented group and individual development process. Theoretical materials are used for each topic to provide a cognitive understanding of the experience and its ability to reflect on life.

The program includes the following main modules:

1.       Biodanza definitions and theoretical model

2.       Biocentric principle and vital unconsciousness

3.       Vivencia - the heart of biodanza methods

4.       Biological and psychological aspects of biodanza

5.       Mythical and philosophical aspects of biodanza

6.       Identity and integration

7.       Trance and regression

8.       Vitality

9.       Affectivity

10.   Creativity

11.   Sexuality

12.   Transcendence


The Biodanza teacher education process consists of:

34 Moduls in 3 years

4-8 Supervisions

Final work

Each study module consists of a theoretical part and opportunities to gain practical experience. Training takes place once a month, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 and Sunday from 10.00 - 16.00.

On the Friday evening before the school weekend - vivencija (free for biodanzas school students), guests are welcome to try biodanza both on Friday vivences and by joining the weekend training.

Costs: 150 / Modul / special price for quests

Note! If you dont want to becomea Biodanza teacher, you can use the education as a self development experience (first 2 Years). Biodanza is a deep pathway for personal growth and maturation and transformation.

Biodanza is a method based on the practical work of the founder Rolando Toro Araneda (1924 - 2010) and is registered as a trademark. There are about 400 Biodanzas schools in the world.

The methodological rules of the method according to which the method is trained worldwide are determined by the International Biocentric Federation (IBF).

The aim of the training is to offer qualified teachers of the Biodanza method, who can practice both by forming separate groups of individuals and by practicing in various types of institutions (educational, health, social and business institutions).

The Baltic Biodance School Teacher Certificates are issued by the IBF. Detailed information on IBF is available here:

Until 2020, Alejandra Villegas together with Markus Stuk was the principal of the Baltic Biodanzas School. Since 2021, Markus Štuks has been the responsible director of the Baltic Biodanzas School.

You are welcome to join and try Biodanza by writing to or call +371 2013 0000 (Linda Tabore).